The logo was developed by Norbert Böttcher, BuchPhoenix, Berlin, based on these objectives, defined in the rules of the association of WPIA:

  • the knowledge how to handle new technologies to the public promote
  • the knowledge about digital communication techniques raise
  • the awareness how to defend possible threads and risks work on solutions
  • for everyone to strengthen the personal right to protect confidentiality/privacy as well as the protection of his own identity and integrity

"The self confident logo is build - in due consideration of hierarchical levels - fromtwo parts. A graphical element (globe) and a typographical element (»WPIA« - with and without sub headings).

The globe symoblises the associations world wide activities and network.

The work of the association should be available to be used by all humans through a world wide network of supporters. Particulary the lines of longitude and latitude repesent not only the network itself but epitomise the human brain: The inventor of the »Brainstroming«, Alex F. Osborn, defined that »using the brain to storm a problem«, here with knowledge transfer and new technologies (WPIA). The consequent bisection of the globe (left side: coloured, the latidudes representing the contintents, right side: unicoloured and relatively dark half that needs to be discoverd and may be interpreted for the misuses of cyberspace). As the left side with its colourness (diversity) dominates the logo the hope is to establish understanding accross national borders ..."


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